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Who does not want free resources for the widely popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Well, we do not see any hands rising to disagree. So, here is an incredible X-Ding Modz MLBB APK that will ensure you will not have to pay a single penny to get premium items and features.

MLBB is a trendy combat game with millions of gamers hooked, and credit goes to the storyline and gameplay. Several paid items and features help you fight and win over opponents. A player has to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire them or install a hacking application instead.

Many super mod tools are available to unlock pricey game objects. Some are functional and provide the best user experience, whereas others rely on the big words. X-Ding Modz is not here to play around but to help gamers get free resources.

Players tend to lose interest because of insufficient in-game items. An injector helping them get free stuff of all sorts may seem unbelievable initially. But it’s true, not a dream, and you can pinch yourself.

What is X-Ding Modz?

X-Ding Modz has not left out even a single aspect of this MOBA game and has taken superiority over other injectors. In terms of cheats and other features, it is hard to compete. Getting skins for the range of characters featured in the game is a top priority for most gamers.

X-Ding Modz got plenty of skins for each hero. Apart from the skins, it also has multiple features like Drone View, countless ML Effects, Backgrounds, and many others to enhance the game.

If you are already a user of the previous version, good news for you, with the MLBB update, the new X-Ding Modz version was released, and it got better than the last one with new features. Just imagine what you could do with all these premium items and parts. Maybe win the match, for one.

Is it Safe?

Is X-Ding Modz safe? You are naive if you believe that hacks and cheats are safe. They come at a price, a player may get the upper hand quickly, but things go downhill when the authorities detect the hacker.

Sooner or later, the hacker will get caught and punished, given the nature of the crime. Without warning, he is banned from the game and must make a new I.D. to start over again.

Even after knowing the risks, gamers go for hacks anyway. It is fun for a while, but hacks also make you lose interest over time. It is because you take the backseat and relax where hacks play the game.


Get ready to be surprised by all the cool features that this Android hacking application has to offer. Even a noob can become an ultimate survivor with all this premium stuff. You will be astonished to see all the features of the X-Ding Modz. Here are some of the top features available in the latest version.

ML Skins

It has skins available for all the prime groups like Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Tank, and Support. Out of the total 446 ML skins, a user can find around 356 here. Unbelievable, right?


X-Ding Modz does not stop there at the skin. It further extends its services by unlocking some effects as well.

Recall Effects

A user will get up to Recall Effects, like M1 Glory, Christmas, Zodiac, and more.


Enjoy 10 Respawns like Descent, M1 Evos, and others.


Unlock 11 Elimination, including K.O., Zing, RIP, etc.

Drone View

Features a drone view that is modifiable up to 6X. Works on Celestial & Western as well.

Emotes – Tease your opponents with ten fun, cool emotes, for instance, I am Scary, RRQ Hoshi, and more.


10 Analogs are available in the injector.


Get an unfair advantage over enemies with 10 Maps inside the name of Imperial Sanctuary, Western Place, Celestial Palace, and Magic Chess.


Make a cool intro with over nine options.


Features free background music like Fearless, Blue Bird, etc.


Customize the Loading Screen, Lobby, and Profile with multiple options.

How to Download?

Installing hacks is not rocket science as you anticipate it to be. A download link is available for you to download from, and here is a short installation guide.

  • Download the APK version from the given download link.
  • Proceed to Android security settings, locate Unknown Sources, and enable it.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  • Wait for a bit for the installation process to complete.


The latest version of the v is password-protected. A user would need a password to enter. The password is No Password in this new update. In brief, after getting to know all the features, you may have been convinced and downloaded it already. Try to minimize the risk of getting caught by using no more than one cheat at a time. Download the X-Ding Modz now and let the fun begin.