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Training Slayer is an engaging game with challenging levels and impressive graphics, all packaged into an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes the game accessible on all Android devices with limited storage requirements. Players seeking the optimal experience should always obtain tasks from Slayer masters who match their combat and Slayer levels, such as higher-tier masters who typically offer more difficult assignments in terms of monster types assigned or task weighting.

Training Slayer is an intriguing game with plenty of features that keep players engrossed for hours. With its captivating storyline and unique gameplay, Training Slayer has gained an avid following among players who appreciate its appeal. Furthermore, an offline mode makes this title accessible even when internet connectivity is poor or unstable perfect for gamers with poor or unstable internet service who wish to enjoy this title.

The game offers an engaging series of challenges that require skill and tactics from its player, with obstacles increasing in difficulty as the game continues. Furthermore, responsive controls ensure a rewarding gameplay experience; immersive visuals draw players deeper into its world while its captivating storyline intrigue many gamers.

What is Training Slayer?

Training Slayer in OSRS allows players to make a significant profit by killing monsters and NPCs. Higher-level slayer monsters, like Hellhounds and Black Demons, offer high drop rates; therefore players seeking maximum profits from Training Slayer should spend most of their time killing highly lucrative monsters like Vorkath Cerberus or Grotesque Guardians for maximum earnings.

This game boasts an engaging storyline and a diverse set of features that capture the attention of players worldwide. Furthermore, its free offline game mode enables them to enjoy playing even when connected via low internet connectivity; in addition, responsive controls ensure a smooth gameplay experience.


The latest version of the game is now available to download, boasting several new features such as:

  • Daki doggy-style scenes
  • Kanoo faces sitting service,
  • Demon hand job scenes.
  • blue dragons
  • hellhounds
  • Vorkath Cerberus
  • Slayer Task Unlocking

Best Features of Training Slayer

  • Training Slayer is an engaging mobile game that has captured the attention of gamers everywhere with its captivating gameplay best features, and innovative female protagonist.
  • Packed full of monsters and enemies to defeat in order to progress further through the game, Training Slayer requires players to defeat all obstacles along their journey in order to progress further in its narrative.
  • The progression system is meticulously planned to keep players engaged and motivated, gradually increasing in difficulty as players advance through the game.
  • Players will have to strategize and adapt as they navigate increasingly challenging hurdles; additionally, every new hurdle overcome gives a sense of fulfillment as you advance further!
  • Training Slayer’s high-quality sound design creates an engaging gaming experience by adding depth and dimension to its gameplay.
  • The game’s soundtrack, ambient sounds, and dynamic audio add suspense and tension while simultaneously emphasizing important events or feedback mechanisms in-game to provide instantaneous responses to player actions.
  • Unlocking Slayer tasks enables players to gain access to monsters that would otherwise be very challenging to fight.
  • By selecting tasks that are the most profitable and efficient, players can maximize the number of slayer points earned per hour – for instance killing Vorkath.

How to Use Training Slayer?

Slayering is a combat skill that allows players to kill monsters that otherwise remain immune to attack, quickly and profitably training in it can earn players OSRS gold quickly and effortlessly. There are 9 Slayer Masters available, and choosing one largely depends on your combat level. Turael is recommended for lower levels, offering low-level tasks; at higher levels, Nieve and Duradel offer hourly slayer experience rates for faster experience growth.

Slayer tasks are assigned by a Slayer Master who gives players tasks to kill specific monsters for experience points and combat experience gain. Every monster killed counts towards fulfilling the task at hand, providing additional slayer experience alongside combat experience gains until all monsters have been killed to complete it.

How To Download Training Slayer?

Training Slayer is a fun and engaging game in which you play as female characters and compete against other females for more progress. The storyline is engaging and captivating and features levels with differing difficulty levels for an extra challenge.

Bokundev’s game offers advanced gameplay with captivating graphics. Its anime-themed character customization options make it a top pick among mobile gaming enthusiasts looking for an engaging mobile gaming experience. In addition, players have access to unlimited money which allows them to upgrade weapons, armor, and linkage rising without restrictions or time limitations.


Players looking to maximize Slayer experience rates should focus their efforts on barraging monsters that provide high returns, like Cerberus (hellhounds) and Vorkath (blue dragons). Furthermore, they may opt to skip assignments that do not provide great profits or experience rates, like black demons; also consider blocking all assignments targeting Duradel; blocking certain monsters like gargoyles or Demonic Gorillas may not offer as much long-term profit as staying active against other Slayer tasks will.