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You have arrived at the correct location if you were looking for some Free Roblox Executors, like Robux Infinito, among other similar programs. We have listed various free exploit tools frequently utilized for running LUA scripts within Roblox.

Another Working Executor that WeareDevs has developed is known as Robux Infinito. It functions perfectly, without any noticeable hiccups or problems at all. If you are looking for a free tool that can aid you in executing scripts of any size, ranging from minimal to medium, then you should use this o

What are Robux Infinito?

Because the WeAreDevs API drives it, JSploit is widely regarded as one of the most effective Roblox Exploiters, and it can be used to execute Lua scripts on Roblox. It also provides additional capabilities like teleportation, extrasensory perception (ESP), the ability to change your speed, the power of flight, endless leaps, etc. Players can now run complicated cheats, which was previously impossible with due to the lack of a Lua executor.

Since WeAreDevs is the company that developed Robux, the software does not contain any viruses and may be downloaded and used without cost. In addition, Robux does not contain any adverts of any kind, and it does not bother its users with any critical system. It does not need you to navigate any intrusive advertisement barriers to utilize it in-game. You need to turn it on to get started utilizing Roblox’s potential.

Thousands of other Mods can be downloaded on the internet, but Robux Infinito is considered the most useful of them all. Because the WeAreDevs Exploit API drives it and Robux offers a nearly complete Lua executor, this is one of the primary reasons. Since the middle of 2017, it has been an ongoing effort. As a result of the WeAreDevs API, it has been transformed from a straightforward command-line application into a fully-functional Lua executor.

We have been able to add a great deal of new, more complicated codes and scripts ever since we implemented a Lua executor. Not only are there no commercials, but there is also no key system. It doesn’t cost anything to use Robux! Simply launch Robux, then join a game and attach to it.

Robux Infinito Features

  • ESP
  • Fly God Mode
  • Infinite Jump 
  • NoClip 
  • Float
  • Np legs
  • Free of lag and completely risk-free to use
  • High Hips, a Chat Role-Playing Game
  • Suicide
  • Lua Scripts Executor 
  • No Major Crash
  • Simple to Put in Place


Robux Infinito is a Lua executor and script hub for the game Roblox. It is, without a doubt, helpful to us in gaining a competitive edge over other players. However, it is essential to thoroughly understand the possible hazards incurred when utilizing software or exploits from a third party. It is critical that you avoid downloading Robux from any websites that are not reliable and that you always do a virus scan on any software that you download. In addition, if you use any hacks, scripts, or other exploits in Roblox, your account may be banned. Therefore, use caution, but have fun with the game.