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What exactly is meant by the abbreviation “PXT” (which stands for “Project x Team”)?

PXT is a piece of software for Android that will provide users with the ability to tweak Garena Free Fire to achieve remarkable success in the future. Users of this app will not be charged anything extra to unlock any of the app’s premium content. The game comes with the free-fire version of ffh4x, which has an auto headshot, aimbots, and players with high enough abilities that do not require human assistance.

The modification will contain a selection of cutting-edge features that will enhance the overall gameplay and make it much easier for players to attain their goals. Ten minutes of fierce competition is no easy feat, and you might need assistance from outside sources to come out on top.

Fortunately, there are times when putting your trust in other people makes the circumstance more dangerous. If gamers do not responsibly use this, they risk being blacklisted. The people in charge of the gaming industry would never give their blessing to players to use programs that cut their profits. They make a large income from the “premium” things that may be purchased within the game.

Project x Team

key Features:

It is common knowledge that players can hardly wait to get their hands on this software and investigate all of the outstanding qualities it possesses. The following is a rundown of the program’s most outstanding features, guaranteed to impress gamers and encourage them to download the app.

Menu de Aimbot

The default configurations of Aimbot are what users should adjust first to increase their accuracy in shooting games. Within the PXT menu, you’ll find a plethora of other settings.

Intent range

  • Lacking in Ambition
  • Prepare to Aim While Crouched
  • Viewfinder that is optically focused

Menu of ESPs

Players can see past obstacles, such as terrain and solid objects, thanks to this PXT option. When this feature is engaged, players will be able to determine the distance that separates them from one another. This menu will assist with the designation of names and distances and plot a direct route between the players and their adversaries.

  • Especial namen
  • Caution, especially
  • In particular, when at a significant distance away.
  • Game with a simulated alternate reality
  • When it is turned on, the bad guys won’t be able to see the player who is shooting. Therefore, they won’t bother them.
  • Utilize H4x to complete the task at a lightning-fast speed. When compared to your normal speed, the multiplier that lets you speed up in this game is a factor of four.
  • The amount of time needed for a reload. Players can more swiftly reload their firearms and rifles since they do not need to wait for an excessively long period.

Other features

  • Advanced Telekill System
  • Prepare the medical bag, please.
  • Teleport
  • In addition to a very large number of others
  • Free of cost. Users are not required to pay a fee to use the app’s capabilities, despite the app’s strong and intuitive design.

How to Install

What rigorously are the actions that need to be taken to install the Application into your device?

Installing the Project X team is simple, but to do so, a newcomer will need to follow certain instructions provided on an alternate website. It is because Google Play does not permit the distribution of applications that violate the game’s rules. To successfully obtain the download, it is necessary that the steps outlined below be carried out.

  • After clicking on the download link supplied in the post, the gamer needs to wait a few seconds before moving on to the next step.
  • It indicates that consumers must authorize device access before the installation can even start. Turning on the device’s Unknown Sources option under the security settings is necessary.
  • Find the newly-downloaded file for the application in the part of the device titled “Downloads.” Once you find it, make sure to click on it.
  • It is recommended that all associated pop-ups be permitted to proceed.
  • After receiving approval, the program will be quickly installed and ready for use within a few seconds.


Downloading the ProjectXTeam application in APK format enables its use on Android-based gadgets. However, before you go ahead and do that, you ought to get rid of the initial version of Free Fire. The company was not responsible for the development of this app. It indicates that it cannot be installed or used unless a few permissions are granted first. 

Consequently, you need to allow all the necessary permissions from the beginning to the end of the process. The hacks for beginners and those for intermediate players are quite simple to use. You are welcome to take advantage of these high-end perks without paying a single dollar. Then, to obtain the file, simply click the download link below. Have a good time with it, and don’t be afraid to discuss it with others.