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In this post, we are going to review Oatsab APK This is the most amazing modified version of WhatsApp of all time. The page role will be full of interesting features, pros, and comparisons for Oatsab APK in real time.

We are living in a modern world where communication plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Ever since smartphones came into our life, they made communication much better and more efficient. So do you have a smartphone device in your hand? If yes then you probably using WhatsApp on it.

You can say WhatsApp is the king of all communications because according to researchers monthly active users of WhatsApp are 1.5 billion across the globe. WhatsApp provides you with good privacy when conversing but human nature is so curious it always demands more. That’s the reason developers are developing similar apps like WhatsApp.

Limitations of Oatsab:

Free text messaging, voice, and video call everything is available on WhatsApp. You can even send your location without worrying about your privacy but the thing is it has a few limitations. You can only send 30 images and 16 MB video size and the pdf and spreadsheet file size is 100 MB.

WhatsApp introduced these limits to stop spam, but many customers want to get rid of these limitations. If you are among those customers who want to get rid of these limitations then you might be curious to know about Oatsab APK.

What is Oatsab APK?

Oatsab APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. You will enjoy a good visual experience and cool features that are not available in the original one. Users can personalize the app according to their satisfaction. For example, if you hate the green layout of the original app then you are in charge of changing it.

Who Developed Oatsab APK?

It is developed by an independent developer Foud Apps. The developer credited for developing this handy app is Foud Makkad.

He added a wide variety of features and presented them to customers. It is not available on the Google Play Store you have to download it from a third-party website. Before downloading make sure you have an antivirus installed on your device.

Key information about the app.

Oatsab APK is an excellent version boasting several user-friendly features. You can hide your last seen, delivery reports, and online statuses. There are thousands of themes available in the library.


This modified version has many new additions and good features. We will elaborate on them below for you


You will find new privacy statuses in this modified version. Users can hide blue ticks, second ticks, typing, and recording statuses. When you download the app then you can lock the app by pin or pattern.

There is in-built love available in it. You can add pins to your chats. All these settings are available in the menu found settings.

Media sharing ability

With Oatsab APK you are able to send more than 30 images and pdf, spreadsheets, etc, and a file size of 700 MB at once. You can send audio, video, and documents without any issues.


You are allowed to replace the green theme with your desired theme or you can choose from the library. The library has the capacity to accept thousands of themes, you can add different themes to your library. You can personalize all icon’s colors and graphics.


You don’t need to save contacts for messaging. This app allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts. WhatsApp allows you to pin 3 chats but this modified version allows you to pin 100 chats. You can change the color of the group. This app allows you to send messages to 500 people group but the original one is restricted only to 250 people.

Dark Mode

Dark mode in the new update is available. This will make the application more amazing. Night mode is safe for the eyes and keeps you fresh at night chatting.

New Features:

  • It is a beneficial application for WP lovers.
  • Best of the Whatsapp messenger app.
  • Alternative to the GBWhatsapp & FM Whatsapp.
  • Similar features of the GB Whatsapp app.
  • Advance and variety of customs to the users.
  • Simple UI design and free of cost to download.
  • User-friendly interface for all smart devices.
  • Super duper application with the latest version.

WhatsApp Vs Oatsab:

Here is the key thing that you will have after installing Oatsab APK from our website.

Oatsab FeaturesWhatsApp Features
Able to hide online statusCan’t able to hide online status
Media sharing up to 50 MBsMedia sharing up to 20 MB
Anti deleteNo anti delete
Backups to Google DriveNo backups
Last seenNo last seen
Airplane modeNo Airplane mode
Security locksLess secure
Anti deleteDelete
Custom themeDefault theme
Disable Forward tagsForward tags enabled
Disable callsAllow calls

How to Download?

  • Download the APK file of the Oatsab.
  • Allow Unknown Sources from the settings and tap the downloaded file for installation.
  • Say yes to all the installation and storage permissions.
  • Wait a few seconds for installation and you’re ready to use the Oatsab APK.


The original version is fine but if you need a variety of in-app menus and new features then you have the option to download the Oatsab APK. We provided you with details about the new app now the decision is depending on your will. For more similar apps you can find a section on the user website.