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Mount and Magic MOD for Minecraft PE (pocket edition) is more than a simple addon with madness and fantasy; it is the result of a team’s hard work to ensure that each of our mods has unique skins and skin seeds, maps, different mobs, texture packs, blocks, items, textures, realistic graphics with ray-tracing, RTX shaders, and MCaddons. These mods will make your Minecraft adventures awesome.

Fantasy and lunacy magic will be bestowed upon you. Remember that this and other Minecraft addons contain additional skins, maps, creatures, texture packs, blocks, items, textures, realistic graphics with ray tracing, RTX shaders, MCaddons, and textures.

What is Mount and Magic MOD?

Mount and Magic for Minecraft PE is an addon that adds a realm of magic and fantasy and fifteen magical staffs, each with a unique elemental power. Release the ice, fire, thunder, earth, water, acid, wind, amethyst, and poison forces.

Create new crafty mobs from mob cores, obtain two armored skins, and become the most potent creature in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Our expansion’s authentic graphics and textures will elevate the quality of your multicraft game in the pixel world.

You will initially need a magical fabrication table and forge to combine elemental cores with a base staff in MCPE. Fusing one, such as the ice or fire core, thunder, earth, or acid core, water or amethyst core, wind or poison core, with the base staff will transform into a formidable staff imbued with the abilities of the selected element.


  • The patch adds a variety of spells and magical abilities to the game that players can learn and use to influence the world around them. Spells can be used for offense, defense, and general use.
  • Discover and create magical items and relics, including enchanted swords, staffs, wands, and talismans. These objects grant them special magical skills useful on their adventures.
  • The patch adds elemental magic, which may be used to manipulate the game’s physical elements (fire, water, earth, and air). Different spells and abilities, one for each element, allow for varied game approaches.
  • Mythical Beasts, Elemental Guardians, and Magical Familiars Are Just Some of the New Magical Creatures This Mod Adds to the Game. These animals can be tamed and interacted with by players, who can then use them as mounts or companions.
  • With the magic add-on, players can experiment with alchemy by crafting potions from various materials. These elixirs can heal, boost, or temporarily increase their skills.
  • The mod adds new rituals and enchantments that players can use to increase their magical power. These rites call for particular materials or forms; their consequences can be profound and long-lasting.
  • Visiting other worlds or magical dimensions is Minecraft’s most sought-after feature. These alternate worlds could have resources, monsters, and difficulties for the players to discover.
  • New Magical Structures and Locations in Minecraft: The mod adds new magically themed structures and locations to the game. Players are given new places to explore by encountering them, which might be anything from mysterious towers and hidden temples to enchanted woodlands.


The Mount and Magic MOD is an expansion pack for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that can completely change how you play the game. This patch introduces a new magical and fantastical world to the game, with many spells, artifacts, creatures, and constructions to discover.

It introduces infinite options for personalizing your Minecraft experiences and building one-of-a-kind worlds. This mod is well worth exploring whether you’re trying to spice up your Minecraft experience or are simply searching for a change of pace.