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The same team who created Anime Gacha and Gacha Club also created the role-playing game Gacha World. Here, you may gather many anime-style characters and participate in action-packed battles. The battle mechanism is also more sophisticated and intricate than anything we saw in Anime Gacha, which is the best part.

Gacha gameplay resembles Anime Gacha. and the other Lunime games. The main objective is to collect the over 100 characters made available through the Gacha system. However, you can also invent your persona on this particular occasion. You can completely alter the appearance of your hero during the creation process by selecting from a huge variety of haircuts, clothes, and eye and skin color options.

In contrast to Anime Gacha!, there are also many more battles in Gacha World. There are numerous tales, each requiring you to complete several missions while eradicating many foes. Naturally, by doing this, you’ll get experience and gems that you can then use to unlock new characters and expand your team of heroes.

Gacha APK is an RPG that gives exactly what its name implies: a world where you may have much fun with a fantastic “Gacha” system. It has a straightforward and enjoyable fighting system. In contrast to many games of a similar nature, you may have a tonne of fun without having to pay real money to unlock additional characters.


  • Gacha 90+ Characters in the Gacha World! Elemental strengths and weaknesses in the RPG battle system.
  • Boss Raids, Events, Story, PvP League, and Tower modes! Thirty gems for a 10+1 Gacha, 150 gems for a 50+5 Gacha, and 3 gems per pull.
  • Free to play, easy to harvest for gems.
  • Create a unique Hero! Shop for clothing, caps, and other items. Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards
  • Perform offline! Wi-fi is not required to play.
  • Character customization: You have a lot of power to alter the physical look of your character. You may quickly and dramatically alter various features, including Hair, Eyes, Face, and Presets. That bit is extremely funny. Of course, there are a variety of costumes, bags, heads (such as headless or earless), masks, scarves, and accessories, including hats, gowns, pants, swords, poles, and umbrellas, that you may use to create a variety of various looks.
  • Pets: Gacha World has a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, and more bizarre and unusual animals. These adorable characters will liven up your situations and let you develop more interesting, offbeat storylines.
  • Starting now, Both registration and third-party adverts are absent from Gacha World. You can immediately start the experience thanks to the kind of detail that matters.
  • Gacha World (Mod)’s artistic direction is anime-influenced. All of the characters have cartoonish appearances and are rendered in vivid colors. The backgrounds are intricate and include a range of settings, including castles and forests. There are other special effects in the game as well.
  • This is your scene: You can build your scenes and stories from scratch. Once your characters are created, you can move, resize, and alter the foregrounds, backgrounds, items, and pets. 


Gacha World is an RPG with a “Gacha” system, allowing players to collect and invent anime-style characters and participate in action-packed battles. Gacha World (Mod) features 90+ Characters, Elemental strengths and weaknesses, Boss Raids, Events, Story, PvP League, and Tower modes, free to play, easy to harvest for gems, character customization, Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards, offline performance.