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The Gacha resort allows players to hang out at the beach with adorable characters, engage in various minigames, and battle cunning foes. Playing this fun Android game on the beach during your summer vacation will surely be a highlight. You’ll run into a lot of heroes who are sporting stylish swimwear.

Beach activities such as volleyball and other games are available. Collect rocks and shells from the beach to win some fantastic rewards. Protect your coast from the invading enemy forces. Include new characters in your collection, each with its own set of special powers. Train your heroes and give them more abilities.

What is Gacha Resort?

A light-hearted “sequel” to Gacha Studio, the adventure and collecting game Gacha Resort features an anime art style. After successfully removing corruption from the Universe, the Gacha Summoner is invited to join Ellie and most of the cast from the previous game at Luni’s brand-new resort, where they will spend quality time together while on vacation.

This time, the player does not control an avatar but serves mostly in a spectating capacity. Players of this game can now gather old and brand-new characters, the skin tone of which and swimsuits worn by those characters can be customized.

Players can also play beach-themed minigames, engage in combat, and offer others gifts to strengthen their bonds with one another. Gems have been reinstated as currency, but gold has been swapped out for shells. Additionally, a noticeable degree of fan service is incorporated into the game.

Lunime has created yet another entertaining game in anime style with the Gacha Resort – Anime Beach Games series. This time, the players join a larger group of people on holiday at the beach.

Pumping characters, fighting prey in the form of oars and other things, and battles for the best place do not let her relax for even a second there. In addition, there is a selection of the best swimwear.


A Gacha featuring over 140 unique anime characters, some of which are extremely rare and legendary 6 stars!

  • Tailor the beach to fit your needs! The store offers a wide selection of beach items, such as surfboards, beach balls, boats, and plenty more.
  • In the adventure mode, you can put together a party of characters of your choosing and fight in the battle against various adversaries.
  • If you want your characters to have more power in Resort Mode, you need to increase the affection level between them.
  • Play a range of additional minigames with a beach theme, such as beach volleyball and surfing. While playing several game modes, you can earn shells and gems that may be spent at the resort.
  • Over one hundred and forty charming creatures
  • Beautiful beach
  • Various enhancements
  • Notable performance and accomplishments
  • Different game modes


The Gacha Resort is a fun Android game that allows players to hang out at the beach with adorable characters, engage in minigames, and battle cunning foes. Players can collect rocks and shells from the beach, protect their beach from enemy forces, and train their heroes to give them more abilities.

Players can also play beach-themed minigames, engage in combat, and offer gifts to strengthen their bonds. Luname has created the Gacha Resort – Anime Beach Games series, featuring a gacha featuring 140 unique anime characters, a selection of beach items, adventure mode, minigames, and shells and gems that can be spent at the resort.

Players can customize the beach to fit their needs, fight against adversaries, and play minigames with a beach theme.