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This is an action-adventure game, developed by (RGG) Rock Great Games there are many things to customize Days Gone Mods provide options if game mechanics are not enough for you there are mods and features that can change things easier for you. The game Is similar to 7 Days To Dei. Days Gone Mobile MODS APK is an open-world game, your bike is your life in this game, and keeping it running is a lifetime job, it is deeply joyless.

What is Days Gone Mobile?

These players can increase the horde sizes easily by using the mod Massive Hordes. This mod will increase the smaller horde number from 20 to 150. This mod also offers two add-ons that add different winter coats for the Crater Lake area and some clothes for the flashback scenes.

The mod works on breakers, newts, humans, and screamers, and there’s an optional file that allows the enemies to lose their loot before they are killed. You got a few optional features which are unlimited ammo and zero recoils.

Top Features:

Mods at Days Gone Nexus have many difficulties in the settings that can create a problem in your experience of gaming, and you don’t get any option to cut off those difficulties in setting, and if you find reduce player damage in difficult situations.

2x Engine Apeed

The 2x engine speed mod enhances the speed of all engines. which helps you go faster and have fun while moving quickly.

Unbreakable Suppressors

If your suppressor breaks while fighting and you suffer from suppressor breakdown instead of getting a new suppressor use an unbreakable suppressor mod to give a suppressor infinite duration.

Modern Suppressor

If you want your weapon suppressor looks modern and unique, the modern suppressor mod gives modern-looking suppressors to all kind of weapons.

Car Opener

Opening car trunks and hoods to explore and get some loot, however, the game’s vanilla animation and wasting time can get tedious. the car opener mod helps you to open the trunks and the hoods of the car will be faster than before.

Athletic Deacon (Better Stamina)

Deacon’s stamina runs too fast and if you don’t like it, then the athletic deacon mod is there for you which provides you multiple variants of energy that provide you to choose how fast stamina you need.

More Ears

For every enemy you manage to kill you get only one ear, it doesn’t make sense. To fix this problem use more ears it can tell everything we kill has two ears. In short, you get 2 ears from all freaks you kill instead of 1 ear.

Multiple Difficulty Rebalances

There are so many mods that reduce difficulties in game settings but multiple difficulties rebalance one is of the best mod that gives different options to the players according to the mod description this mod can disable the player damage at high difficulties and it comes in various versions it increases the enemy damage on both hard and survival mods and optionally change the amount of picked up ammunition.

Deacon Pack

One of the best mod categories in every game and appearance that customize how the game looks by adding clothes and gear, then you can use the deacon pack to give you seven different outfits to the main character with different colors and biker decals.

The Growler Evolved

There is no shortage of different guns and weapons in Days Gone, having more options is never bad for you. if you wanted to carry the Growler mini gun at any stage of the game and enjoy the thrill of mowing down zombies, then we got a mod just for you, The Growler Evolved mod allows you to store and use this powerful gun just like any other weapon in the game.

Explosive Gore

Days Gone is graphically impressive, and the combat looks good and realistic. But some players like their video games as good as they can get, and always try to improve how the game looks. The explosive gore mod gives you that most enemies that you kill explode with gory graphics.


Days Gone MODS has an interesting take on the zombie, The HUNK mod replaces Deacon’s model with the special security agent Hunk. The mod works on every occasion except the past scenes, but as it is with every mod, we can hope more updates will make this mod as immersive as possible.

Massive Hordes

Days Gone MODS Nexus enters the player into a post-zombie world, the most difficult challenges that you will face in zombie hordes that need to track and kill them. if these fights are challenging as is, experienced players or those who are playing a new game might feel that these hordes are not big enough to pose a threat to them.


Players are always working on their favorite games, and that’s how some older games can stay popular after many years. Days Gone made mod possible, and we can always look for new releases games in communities such as Nexus Mods to experience the game again with some new changes, Days Gone MODS Nexus focuses on improving and giving different aspects for you or enabling cheat codes, so we can expect larger mods to be released at community and spend more time with games.